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Our Horses & Ponies

Pablos was set up over 30 years ago to give a loving permanent home to horses and ponies who through no fault of their own had nowhere to go and in most cases would have been euthanized.


This is still our ethic and our horses are either old, mainly unrideable, on medication or under the care of vets, or just unwanted and abandoned.


If we get a healthy, rideable horse we do our best to find it a wonderful new home.



Is a handsome ex racehorse now 19 years old, he cannot be ridden due to an injury. He was left in a field in poor condition and urgently needed a home when his future was uncertain, but has settled well at the sanctuary. 

You can sponsor Angus here



Bruce is a kind, gentle boy and lives with his herd at the sanctuary. He is now in his 20’s, everyone who meets him loves him.



An ex racehorse, with injuries and can no longer be ridden. She is a big girl, very confident and commands respect from her herd. She likes to spend time alone and with Bruce a close companion who shares the field.



Dudley loves a good gallop round the fields with his best friends, the Shetlands. He was rescued from someone’s back garden, when he arrived he was in poor condition and showing signs of neglect, but has flourished since being at the sanctuary.



A Handsome ex racehorse now only 8 years old, he raced as a two year old and sustained an injury and can no longer be ridden. All the Shetlands love Casio and can be seen following him admiringly around the field. He is strong and powerful a wonderful horse, it is a pleasure to care for him

You can sponsor Casio here



She is a beautiful mare but was very scared and withdrawn when she arrived due to her past experiences, but has grown in confidence and enjoys time spent in the field with a herd of larger horses at the sanctuary.

Tilly Two Shoes

She is a Strawberry Roan now in her mid-twenties. She is a nervous mare with attitude but with clicker training she has improved a lot and is now living her best life, wonderfully cared for by Andrea one of our amazing volunteers. 


Kizzy was a tethered brood mare for many years, she was untouchable when she arrived due to her lack of trust in humans. She is still sometimes unsure of new volunteers, but does enjoy a cuddle and is now more settled after her damaging start to life.


One of two ponies Frankie & Freddie were rescued late one night and brought to us by the Police, they were running free after being abandoned and in danger near busy roads. They are collectively known as the Cheeky Boys with their close friend Little Gerry and are now all settled at the sanctuary.

Roxy & Molly

Two beautiful mares, both now in their 30’s. They live with a herd at one of our outer fields and are both gentle and very loving, visited daily by Carole.


A very laid back, friendly donkey. From the moment he arrived at the sanctuary, he has been in love with a pretty pony called Nancy. They are inseparable and love spending their days together.

Millie & Bunny

Loveable sisters who are very independent, spending their time with Henry and Kini and make a wonderful family. They are both now approaching their teens and can be a challenge and naughty at times.



Is a loveable donkey full of fun and character, he cannot be separated from Bobby Blue a 32 year old ex-racehorse and his very best friend. He never fails to make us all smile, he is much loved at the sanctuary. He can be heard calling for Bobby, if he wanders is out of sight.

You can sponsor Oakey here

Little Gerry

Now in his late teens, came to the sanctuary needing our help. He lives with Frankie and Freddie two abandoned ponies, but they are the best of friends and all are full of personality and mischief. Little Gerry is a gentle pony, he can be cautious with new people.

Millie & Jester

Millie the grey she is an ex show jumper and Jester was a dressage horse who did well with his owner. They both form a small herd with Casio and Star and share their own paddock at the sanctuary.

You can sponsor Millie here


Sky is small in size but very strong and determined with a big personality. He has no problem standing up for himself with the other horses. He is often seen having a gallop around the field, with his friends the Shetlands.


Skipper Saxby Road.jpg

A blind horse who spends his time with his close friends and companions at one of our outer fields. He is gentle and very friendly and is safely and lovingly cared for by Carole and his field guides and companions.


A handsome boy with a challenging character, but full of life. He has some behaviour issues, but lives happily at one of our outer fields in Melton with his close friends.


Our beautiful blind boy now almost 8 years old, very trusting and gentle. He lives with Bailey his guide and companion, they make a very cute pair. Shane was in urgent need of a safe loving home, when he faced an uncertain future.

You can sponsor Shane here


Buster .jpg

Everyone’s favourite, Buster is a loveable and very friendly horse now almost 30 years old. He loves a good grooming session and gets on well with all the volunteers and other horses at the sanctuary


Pretty friendly pony now in her 30’s and spends all her time with Desmond the donkey. Just one of the unusual love affairs at the sanctuary. Where you see Nancy, you will see Desmond. Bless them.

You can sponsor Nancy here

Little Mo

Disabled at birth and unwanted, he came to the sanctuary as he needed a home urgently.  His playfulness and cheekiness makes him a favourite with the volunteers. His disability does not stop him doing anything and he can be seen racing around the field with his friends Dudley, Sky and Nipper.

You can sponsor Little Mo here


He came to the sanctuary when a farm park closed and he urgently needed a home. He is cute and very loving and enjoys a good grooming session. His patience and gentleness makes him the perfect companion for Shane, our blind appaloosa pony.

You can sponsor Bailey here



A gentle loving girl, who came to the sanctuary when her owner was no longer able to care for her and later sadly died. Lucy settled well at the sanctuary and now had many new friends and enjoys mutual grooming sessions on the yard with the other horses.

You can sponsor Lucy here


Star Website BL_edited.jpg

He came to us as a baby, after being rescued by some kind ladies near Hartlepool. 

He has grown to be a well mannered, loving lad but can be a little bit spicy at times and very funny.  He loves to be the centre of attention and follows you round the field like a big puppy. 



Has been with us for a short time and has settled very well.  Companion to Rayne and now follows him around all day.

A 25 year old beautiful Palomino, with a very lovely nature. Welcome Fudge !

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