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Our Horses & Ponies

Pablos was set up over 30 years ago to give a loving permanent home to horses and ponies who through no fault of their own had nowhere to go and in most cases would have been euthanized.


This is still our ethic and our horses are either old, mainly unrideable, on medication or under the care of vets, or just unwanted and dumped.


If we get a healthy, rideable horse we do our best to find it a wonderful new home.


Beautiful Millie was a successful Show jumper in her early days but had to be retired early due to health issues.


Freddie came to Pablo’s late on a rainy dark night with another pony after they were found running loose on a main road in Leicestershire.

Little Mo

Little Mo arrived at the Sanctuary when he was approx 6 months old, rescued from a flooded field and is disabled due to his back legs.


A new recruit to the Pablo's gang. A 5 year old ex-racehorse, who came to the sanctuary after an injury left him unable to be ridden.


12.2hh Welsh Sec A 29 Years Old Mum to Lilly


Shetland Pony Over 25 years old Came to Pablo's with best friend of over 20 years Cassie.


An ex-showjumper Came to Pablo's with a leg injury which has improved over time. Always relaxed with a great sense of humour!


16.2hh Over 20 years old Has a history of lameness and can be a little difficult to handle.


Welsh Pony In her early twenties. Has had over 16 foals in her breeding years! A firm favourite in the yard


Nancy arrived at Pablo’s with her friend Hazel and both had been used as brood mares before being rescued by a kind gentleman.


A youngster on the yard. Highly mischievous and always on the hunt for some treats. A real character!


Early thirties and came to the yard with laminitis and sweet itch, thankfully laminitis free now! A real fan of a fuss and a cuddle.

Dartmoor Foals

Dodger, D'Arcy, Dizzy & Dancer. Came to Pablo's in 2012. Dancer & Dreamer have thankfully found wonderful foster homes.


Bought as a 7 month old Colt by a non-horsey family for £50. Rescued by Pablo's, he is now a super friendly pony whose best friend is 16hh Star.


A veteran in his thirties! Has suffered with Laminitis in the past. Blind in one eye unfortunately. Loves a fuss & a groom.


Came to Pablo's after being found running loose on the road. Still very wary, but making progress in trust of people.


Along with Frankie, was found running loose on the road. Making lots of progress in trusting of people.


Previously a showjumper. Absolute leader of his very own squadron of ponies. Super popular with children & adults alike.


14hh In her late teens. Requires daily medication. Super friendly and popular on the yard.


Came to Pablo's as an unhandled 4 year old stallion. Loves to live with the mares (he has now been gelded!)


Came with his sister Penny following a farm park closure. A very cheeky stallion who can be a pocket sized handful.


Used as a broodmare in the past and cruelly kept tied up. Still mistrustful of humans but getting so much better.


The first foal born at Pablo's in 2012. Daughter of Arrian. Super friendly and inquisitive. She is now 8 years old!

Little Gerry

Little Gerry (on the right) 12hh Around 7/8 years old.


In his thirties. A proper ladies man! Loves to fuss over best friend Bella.


An ex riding school pony who lost an eye in a tragic accident. Full of energy, a known mint thief and loved by all on the yard.


Still a youngster. Came to Pablo's as a 6/7 month old. A super, pretty young lady.


A shetland pony in his twenties. Super sociable with a wonderful temperament & loved by all.


A cheeky shetland pony who came to Pablo's along with Icarus after the closure of the farm park they lived at. Penny is super confident & loves feed time.


Originally came to Pablo's to help with her laminitis treatment. A super gentle girl who had been used as a broodmare in the past.


An ex-riding school pony. Mistreated badly as a youngster. Loves long summer days!


16.2hh Ex-Racer Retired from ridden work due to lameness. Full of fun and mischief!


Due to a tragic accident left him unable to be ridden he found his way to Pablos. Great with children & adults alike.


A shy pony whose confidence is slowly being built up. Suffers with laminitis and therefore can never be ridden.

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