Pablo's Horse Sanctuary

Offering a safe & loving, lifetime home to horses & ponies in need

About Us

Pablo's Horse Sanctuary is a registered horse rescue charity based in Long Clawson, Leicestershire (Charity Commission Registration Number: 1116394) and was founded to ease the suffering of horses and ponies whose owners either could not or would not look after them. Many of our animals have come to us, through no fault of their own, either with various health problems, being elderly or if their owner’s circumstances has changed and they can no longer care for them.

The charity was founded by Mrs Carole Fielding and is named in honour of a little grey pony with a crooked leg, who stole everyone’s heart…. He was a special character

The Sanctuary gradually has gone from strength to strength, and in 2006 became a registered charity. There are currently around 90 horses and ponies. As the charity is run entirely by volunteers, this ensures that 100% of each donation is spent only on the horses and ponies welfare.


Latest News

Urgent Appeal

Lara has unfortunately suffered a nearly fatal injury in her paddock.


We decided we would have her operated on so she could continue to live the best life she deserves in her retirement.

Lara came into the rescue centre last year after her owner could no longer care for her.


Lara’s field companion is a severely blind rescue spotted pony.


Her calm and caring nature enables him to live a happy life as she guides him safely around his surroundings.


She is the kindest and most affectionate horse you will ever meet.


We desperately need help with Lara's extensive vet bills, if you can help in anyway, then please follow the link below to donate.

Sam & Niamh on Tombola.jpeg

Volunteer spotlight

Volunteers and fundraising are key to Pablo's continued survival.

We want to spotlight the amazing work our volunteers continue to do.

If you are able to volunteer some time or have any fundraising ideas, please do get in contact below:

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Lara and Shane.jpg