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General’s background is a bit of a mystery; he apparently was at one time a showjumper who after damaging his back was sent into the horse sales.

General was bought by a lady who kept him in a huge field which was penned of into smaller sectioned squares, where General lived alone. General would get very upset when another horse in his view was taken out for a ride and due to this the lady contacted Pablos to see if could we could care for him.

When General came to the yard he went onto the pony field where they instantly recognized him as their leader. Since then General has lived up to his name as he cares for his little ‘squadron’ of ponies very well.

Unfortunately General cannot be ridden due to nerve damage in his back, however he is such a sweet and gentle horse and despite his very regal look he is very playful.


Our big gentle General is also very inquisitive and is always the first to be looking over the fence when anything is going on. He is very popular with children and adults alike.

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