Cherry is a very special horse who is totally blind.  

She really stands for what we have attempted to do as a charity.

Cherry was found tied up, at the side of a busy road. One day she managed to get free and in panic ran out into the middle of the road. Unfortunately she was involved in a head on collision; as a result she is now totally blind.

Cherry came to Pablo’s after numerous other horse rescues refused to take her in; several vets had recommended that she be put down.


Luckily for Cherry, the Sanctuary gave Cherry a second chance at life.

When she first arrived Cherry would walk around in circles with her head on the floor, clearly distressed, but after months of hard work from all the volunteers Cherry has got a new lease of life.


Not only does she get on with all the other animals but we have yet to see a person who hasn’t fallen in love with her.


She’ll soon track you down, eager to show you her trick (holding up her hoof) in anticipation of her favourite treat – polos.


She’s even become confident enough to allow one of our volunteers, Andrea, to take her out on a walk around the local village several times a week.


Melton Mowbray, UK

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